Monday, February 20, 2012

Airport Inspiration

Sitting in the airport with nothing to do?  I suggest sitting in a seat where you can people watch.  It's fun and can be quite inspirational.

Oh, look!  There goes 1983.  (Phone ringing in your head, you answer it, 1980's calling; and they would like you to send back those shoes and that hand bag.)

Oh, look!  That man's toupee is not the same color as his hair, and no, it does not make you look 20 years younger.

Okay, so sometimes it's not so inspirational, or is it?  Even bad fashion or bad hair color can be inspirational.  Just maybe grey hair is coming back. Ask the lady with the bad hair color to give you the name of her hair color so you can match it later.

I'm just bored, or am I?

It's time to find the inspiration.

Bad hair color.  Remember to pick up a can of Design Master Raspberry spray paint.  See that, she inspired me.  We need to paint the back drop.  Now I know the color.

1983 Hand bag and shoes.  Now I have my 80's party theme.  "Come on Eileen", it's time to give up those shoes.

Toupee.  Get a hair cut!  Send it to Locks of Love.

I challenge you to just look.  Inspiration is there.  Sometimes it hits you in the face and sometimes it is very subtle.

Take a walk in your neighborhood, and look around.  Look up into the trees.  Find that bird singing.  You have heard it many times but never looked for it.  Look down, and tell me what you see.  No, it's not just a crack in the sidewalk.  It's the Grand Canyon and the ants are on a tour of the deepest part.   Like the mule skinners winding their way to the bottom and up the other side.  See how this works.  Inspiration leads us to imagination and so on.

Gotta go now, they are boarding my plane.

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